The Best Hiking Backpacks of 2021—Mountain Land


When it comes to backpacks, none of us are too unfamiliar with them, as we all need them to carry our belongings at different times and on different occasions.


For example, when we were growing up and going to school, we had more or less carried backpacks; when we traveled, we had more or less experienced backpacking; with the gradual popularity of outdoor free-riding like Backpacker, backpacks for mountaineering have started to be introduced with more suitable designs, even for the same brand of hiking bags, there are different designs for different functional needs.


The so-called hiking bag refers to the backpack used by mountaineers to carry supplies and equipment.


Hiking bag as an essential tool for outdoor travel, mainly to help us carry a variety of travel essential items, is one of the most directly affect the comfort of our outdoor activities equipment.


Nowadays, hiking bags have not only been restricted to mountaineering use, many friends will also choose hiking bags as equipment when traveling and hiking.

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This is high quality professional backpack for camping, hiking and backpacking, designed to be comfortable and functionally versatile. Main compartment, secondary compartment, sleeping bag compartment, bladder compartment, hip-belt pockets, top lid pockets, and mesh side pockets to keep your stuff separate and organized.

This hiking bag is a professional hiking bag of choice, its unique distributed load reduction system provides comfort and support for our weighted hiking.

The large capacity of 55L and three-dimensional compartments make it easy to classify a variety of different items to meet the storage needs of hiking; it comes with a rain cover to prevent rainy day hiking from wetting the contents of the pack.

The capacity of this mountaineering bag is 36L, and this one is suitable for outdoor men and women models universal backpack; its back system is more technological and humanized, honeycomb back panel is both light and tight, to ensure the comfort and stability of the back process.

The water-repellent fabric makes it easy to cope with different environments.

This one is a woman-oriented hiking bag; different back system designed according to the different body types of men and women, S-shaped thickened shoulder straps to relieve shoulder pressure, heavy loads can also travel easily.

Return type waist belt close to the waist, can share the load reduction more; ventilated back panel in addition to back pressure relief, but also reduce sweat; travel hiking for a week can also have full comfort.

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