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I believe that many climbers who are just starting out have a doubt: Why are other people's backpacks more comfortable to carry? How do I choose a hiking backpack? What are the criteria for choosing a hiking backpack?


I think the three most important points in choosing a backpack are comfort, sturdiness and beauty. Many brands of backpacks are sturdy, and aesthetics vary from person to person, so I'm going to focus on how to choose a backpack from the perspective of comfort. Comfort is the most core technology of a backpack. To make a backpack comfortable, it needs a lot of consideration, and we often talk about the carrying system, which is also to solve the problem of comfort.

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Why are some backpacks more comfortable to carry?

The main purpose of hiking is to enjoy nature and relax yourself, but many novice hikers will feel back pain and wetness, which is likely to be a problem with the backpack itself.

Carry a comfortable backpack, you need to use your hips under pressure, not only the shoulders to carry the entire backpack.


Human shoulders cannot bear too much weight, and a comfortable backpack can make the hips the main force-bearing part.

The reason you don't get tired of carrying a pack with your hips is because of the support of your hip bones and thigh muscles, which are more powerful than your shoulders. 

A good backpack is one that uses its internal brace to shift the weight of the pack from the shoulders to above the hips.

Any hiking backpack that can hold heavy loads needs a brace. The brace concentrates the weight of the pack and transfers it above the hips, allowing the pack's waistband to support that weight.

While transferring weight, the ventilated and breathable backpack design can bring dryness to people.


The reason for the comfort is that the shoulders are relaxed and the hips take most of the weight. At the same time, the backpack is well ventilated to keep the body dry.

What are some good hiking backpacks I can choose from?

I will give you a professional guide to help you choose the right hiking backpack for you.

It is not sloppy in its storage design, the hiking backpack should have the function, side and top cover are equipped with storage space, the main space of the large capacity design can also meet the needs of the equipment, the bag is also equipped with a water bag spout, easy to replenish water at any time. Whether it's a short day or a long day trip, you can use this hiking backpack to get all your bags.

The drawstring pocket design can be closed quickly by pulling after placing items. Compared to the zipper type, the drawstring drawstring type is simpler and more intuitive to use, which is especially suitable for outdoor bag design. In addition to the main storage space, there are also storage mesh pockets on both sides of the backpack, especially suitable for putting in water bottles and other items, so that when you need to refill water, you can immediately pull it out of the mesh pocket to drink.

The Air Speed System ventilation mesh design on the back also increases airflow and reduces the discomfort of feeling stuffy when carrying a bag that may cling to your back. In addition, the bag also comes with a thoughtful rain cover, so if it rains lightly during outdoor activities, you can also use the rain cover to prevent the backpack from getting wet.

This mountaineering bag adopts Suspension suspension system, which is fixed by spring steel rod and PE frame version to ensure that it can conform to the human body contour and achieve the effect of evenly distributing the load when carrying.


Inside and outside the bag are equipped with a wealth of storage pocket design, even the top cover can also be placed in the required equipment, so that every space can be properly used, very recommended for people who pay attention to storage function.

This mountaineering bag skeleton can effectively disperse the overall weight of the equipment, the use of U.S. military-grade Spectra super tough special fiber fabric, scratch-resistant, anti-abrasion, high breathability, high-density foam back panel and EVA back breathable cushion to enhance the comfort of carrying, so that users can be more resistant to weight, is a very durable mountaineering bag models.

This lightweight hiking bag using AirZone back system, the use of mesh design to allow back ventilation to keep cool and comfortable, in addition to the front zipper and water bag storage area two storage space, in addition to the drawstring pocket can be stored, backpack cover design placed in the bottom, can be easily removed, and set up drainage holes to avoid moisture return to the lightweight backpack, is a very practical style.

This is a large-capacity hiking bag designed for women, due to the different physiological structure of women and men, many hiking bags can not meet their needs. This backpack is designed specifically for women to customize the bracket, in line with women's physiological structure. It is also ultra-light, waterproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant.

The one-piece FreeFloat hip belt, with a unique shoulder belt self-adjusting plate, can change the angle of the shoulder belt with the user's body shape and activities to achieve excellent comfort and a sense of body coverage, providing pressure-free dynamic support, which can maintain the support of the backpack and save energy and comfort during activities.

The main feature of this mountaineering bag is the heat pulling back system, which reduces sweat and at the same time allows the load to be carried evenly, providing a comfortable and burden-free carrying experience for the backpacker.


The backpack is equipped with two attachment points, one side can be hung with trekking poles, the other side can be hung with ice axes, in addition, the most special is that the backpack cover can be removed and used as a separate carry-on pouch, the side of the backpack and waist belt and many other places are also equipped with storage space, a powerful storage function, allowing people to easily organize the necessary items for mountain climbing.

This hiking bag is compact and lightweight, suitable for short trips or short-term hiking activities. At the same time, this backpack is stylish and can be used in daily life, and it is a good choice to carry to work and school.

The backpack design of this lightweight hiking backpack mainly uses a double track backpacking system, which not only provides a good cushion for the backpacker and reduces the load, but also provides a comfortable backpacking experience as the design does not allow the back to come into direct contact with the body of the bag, thus increasing the breathability of the backpack.


The backpack provides a capacity of 35L, which can be flexibly adjusted according to demand, whether it's for a day outing or a multi-day trip, you can use this bag to get it done.

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