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Custom Mesh Beach Bag Handle bag Tote Bag

A mesh beach bag size is 16.5*15*8.5 inches, pink purple and green options, lightweight multiple intervals to meet different needs
  • HCB062201

  • Mountain Land

Product Description

  Breathability: The open mesh design allows air to circulate freely, preventing moisture build-up inside the bag.    This feature is especially useful for carrying wet items like towels or swimwear, as it helps them dry faster and prevents odors.

  Visibility: The transparent nature of net gauze allows you to easily see the contents of the bag without having to open it.    This can be handy when searching for specific items or quickly checking if everything is packed before leaving the beach.

  Sand Resistance: Unlike solid fabric bags, net gauze bags are less likely to trap sand inside.    Sand can easily shake out through the mesh, keeping the interior cleaner and making it easier to clean the bag afterward.

Lightweight: Net gauze material is typically lightweight, which makes the bag easy to carry, even when loaded with beach essentials.    This is particularly beneficial when you're already hauling towels, sunscreen, and other bulky items.

  Quick Drying: Since net gauze is breathable and water-resistant, any water that gets into the bag can evaporate quickly, reducing the risk of mold or mildew developing on damp items.

Product Features
Best Bag
Fashion Vintage Hand Knit Colorful Thread Bag Toter Bag Large-capacity Crochet Beach Bag
*Material Type
Knitting Polyester
*Whether the folding
*Bags Hardness 
*Dimension information
16.5*15*8.5 inches
*Material Type
Handle tote bag
Main-04 Main-02 Main-01 Main-03 Main-06 Main-05

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