Custom Pattern Lightweight Polyester shopping Bag
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Custom Pattern Lightweight Polyester shopping Bag

This is a sustainable lightweight shopping bag that can effectively reduce environmental pollution. The size is 68*46CM
  • TB202210260

  • Mountain Land

Product Description

Durability: This bag can withstand heavy loads and frequent use. They are less likely to tear or break than bags made of other materials such as plastic or paper.

Reusable: This shopping bag is reusable, which helps reduce the need for single-use plastic bags. Significantly reduce your environmental impact by reusing shopping bags, reducing waste and conserving resources.

Waterproof: This shopping bag is waterproof, which helps protect the contents of the bag from moisture in case of rain or accidental leakage. Suitable for carrying groceries, sportswear or other items that need to be waterproof.

Easy to clean: This shopping bag is easy to clean and maintain. They can be machine washed or simply wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them a convenient option for everyday use.

Customizable: Various designs, colors and prints can be customized.

Light weight: Compared to other materials such as canvas or leather, this bag is easy to carry while being sturdy enough to hold a large number of items.

Product Features
Best Bag
Fashion Vintage Hand Knit Colorful Thread Bag Toter Bag Large-capacity Crochet Beach Bag
*Material Type
Knitting Polyester
*Whether the folding
*Bags Hardness 
*Dimension information
*Material Type
Handle tote shopping bag

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